Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's in a Name: Lucy — Part Two

After our first child was born and the birth certificate was signed, we realized we had called him Elliot and given him the initials E.T., thereby bestowing him with both names of the two main characters of the movie "E.T." (We grew to accept this choice. I even made a movie about his similarities to the celluloid alien.)

With Lucy, we appear to have done something similar  again, inadvertently. Both her first and middle names (Lucy and Eleanor) were drawn from our family tree, though she wasn't named for any living relative. With Eleanor, we also liked that it had a subtle connection to our Roosevelt Island home.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, it turns out that both "Lucy" and "Eleanor" have a strong connection to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the namesake of Roosevelt Island.

Lucy was his mistress and Eleanor was his wife. Oops.

There are some more positive connections to our naming choices, though. Eleanor Roosevelt had a father, brother and son named Elliott. Theodore Roosevelt, meanwhile, had a wife and daughter named Alice. Again, it backs up the notion of the sib set's aesthetic unity.

Our own ancestors had a family in the mid-1800s with two sisters: Alice and Lucy.

Ignoring the fact that Lucy died in infancy, they seem like a perfect match.