Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Advent Calendar You Can Eat

As you know, it's long been my dream to open a restaurant where patrons can eat everything on the table (forks, glasses, napkins). I'm also a big fan of advent calendars.

So I was pretty excited to discover this, which combines both my passions.

It's an edible advent calendar.

Each day in the lead-up to Christmas, you eat one numbered cookie. Then on the big day, you consume the rest of the house. Sweet!

The only downside is it costs $60 (it comes from Dylan's Candy Bar, the upscale candy shop on the Upper East Side). That's the equivalent of 60 Trader Joe's advent calendars.

You also don't get the mystery of opening up doors. (Or the mystery of wondering what the Trader Joe's chocolates are supposed to be depicting.)