Sunday, October 07, 2012

So Close Yet So Far

When we had our second child, we had to cross the Bay Bridge to San Francisco to deliver. I worried about having to travel so far and whether we would make it (in the end, we got to the hospital on time — even if it we didn't make it to an actual delivery room).

Well, this time we live amazingly close to the hospital. The medical complex that includes Presbyterian Hospital looks to be about 1,000 feet away from us as the crow flies.

Unfortunately, we are not crows. And we don't have a canoe or raft to use to cross the East River from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan.

When Kelly goes into labor, we'll have to take the tram or the subway. Or we'll call a cab, cross the Roosevelt Island Bridge, drive through Queens, and then cross the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. (Let's hope it's not rush hour.)

In any case, there will be lots of opportunities for giving birth in places that are not a hospital. I guess this is the curse of being pregnant on Roosevelt Island.

Fingers crossed.