Friday, October 12, 2012

'Pocket Like It's Hot'

(I'm taking a break from baby excitement because something very important has been brought to my attention: Snoop Dogg has made a commercial for Hot Pockets. Thanks for the tip, BuboBlog Portola Valley correspondent Anh-Minh.)

Remember last year's hip-hop "Lunchables" ad from 1996? It was probably one of the greatest things ever to grace the Internet. (Warning: the video contains satirical misogyny and extreme 1990sness.)

Well, this isn't quite at that level, but Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) has adapted "Drop It Like It's Hot" as a commercial for Hot Pockets ("Pocket Like It's Hot").

The difference here is, this is a real ad. (Snoop also isn't pillaging from the '90s — "Drop It Like It's Hot" came out in 2004.)

I guess this is Nestle's attempt to reinvigorate the Hot Pockets brand. Considering the video is endorsed by a major corporation, I was a little surprised by the thinly veiled marijuana references (I can tell you, microwaving a Hot Pocket does not produce that much smoke). But pot users are likely a significant market for this product.

I ate quite a few Hot Pockets in my 20s, back when I was listening to a lot of Snoop Dogg. (I also used to drink Gatorade out of an unrefrigerated 128-ouncer until a patch of algae would start floating in it.) So I'm not sure if this ad is supposed to appeal to young people or pluck the nostalgia strings for a late-30s dad with three kids.

If I'm the target market, I'm sad to report that my wife no longer lets me buy Hot Pockets. Sorry, guys!