Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Yorkers Are Indifferent to World Series

I was thrilled to see the Giants win Game 3 of the World Series last night. Unfortunately, I was at a bar where everyone else was utterly apathetic.

On the big screen: not baseball.

We went to a place called Bar-Coastal. At first I thought this was a great place to see the Giants, because I figured the name was a play on "bi-coastal" (surely they must have some affinity for West Coast teams?).

But nearly every TV in the place was tuned to the Notre Dame-Oklahoma college football game (hello, neither of those places is bi-coastal!).

I had to squint at a small television in the corner (see the TV in the upper-right corner of the picture below), while everyone else in the bar watched the large screen behind me.

You have to wonder how different the place would be if the Yankees were in the World Series.

On the bright side, they had Bay Area beer (Racer 5!). Maybe they are "bar-coastal" after all.

UPDATE: The Giants completed their sweep of the World Series. And while I wasn't able to see the final game at San Francisco's orange-glowing City Hall this time, I like to think the Empire State Building was lit up in the Giants' honor Wednesday night. (Actually, it was just Halloween.)