Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

The kids had to make many adjustments when we moved to New York.

In Berkeley, Elliot used to run around in our backyard or take his Skuut out on the sidewalk. If he wanted to find a kid to play with, he would just go to a neighbor's house and ring the doorbell. Now we live in a high-rise apartment and don't know many people, so there's none of that.

But there are other benefits to our new home  most notably, the view.

Elliot spends a lot of time looking at boats on the East River and speculating on their classification (speed boat, fire boat, ferry) and destination (New Jersey, Atlanta, China?).

And every night as the sun goes down, we wait for the Empire State Building lights to come on.

The landmark frequently celebrates occasions by lighting up in various colors. It has the capability of showing three different colors on four different sides, for a total of 12 hues at any one time. Right now it's honoring the Olympics by showing the colors of participants' flags. (Tonight is Cuba, Slovenia, the Ukraine and Spain.)

It has become a fun routine for us to see who can distinguish the color pattern first as the sun sets on Manhattan.

Is it ideal to raise children in a high-rise apartment? Maybe not, but it comes with its own set of experiences and wonders. I hope when the kids look back on this time, marveling at the city lights with their dad will be a pleasant memory.