Sunday, July 08, 2012

Getting There Isn't Half the Fun

They say a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a child throwing up in the Bronx.

Well, at least that's how it was with us. We took a road trip from New York to Maine, and our children scarcely survived the ordeal.

Elliot in a happier moment.

Elliot vomited twice on the way up. The first time it happened, we'd already been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic seemingly forever. After I pulled over in a suburban neighborhood to clean him up, I looked around and wondered where we were. Then I saw an MTA bus and realized we hadn't even left New York. Jesus, this city can be hard to escape. (But then, they did make a movie about that.)

The second time was in New Haven, since Elliot was apparently intent on making us pull over in derelict areas. The rental car was in such bad shape by this point we had to find a car wash and bribe them to clean it Harvey Keitel style.

Did I mention it was hot? Kelly snapped this photo of the car's thermometer.

Somewhere on Interstate 95.

On the way home, Alice bolted away from me in a Connecticut Sbarro and did a faceplant on the floor. She chipped her front tooth and bled everywhere.

I'm worried about her tooth (do dentists bother fixing baby teeth?). But Alice has been characteristically tough about the whole thing.

And on the bright side, she looks more like a real New Yorker now.