Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maybe You Can't Be Too Safe?

Yesterday I complained about people not giving up their seats for obviously pregnant women.

But I guess this is the flip side of that: Never assume someone is pregnant based on a Facebook photo.

That's the lesson from a recent letter to Dear Prudence:
I was clicking through a friend's Facebook photos of a wedding she attended, and saw that she was expecting. I commented, "Congrats! When is the little one due? You look great." As I clicked through more photos from the evening I realized that, well, she wasn't. In my defense, this is a friend I hadn't seen for a year, we somewhat lost touch, and she was wearing a large, flowy dress while standing next to a slender woman in a tight dress. I was mortified and went back to delete my comment, but she obviously read it because the photo had disappeared.

But she did say she looked great!

UPDATE: The New York Times' Motherlode column weighed in on how to navigate the pregnant-vs.-fat quandary back in 2010.