Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrate Father's Day by Pretending You Don't Have Children

Today was my fourth Father's Day, and my last before our family likely descends into complete chaos.

So I was grateful to get most of the ideal Father's Day experience.

For me that entails:
—Sleeping in
—Taking a nap
—Reading the newspaper without being disturbed

I suppose it's odd that the perfect Father's Day means trying to recreate your life before you had children, but I think that's how it is for most dads.

(And in truth, I didn't get to sleep that late. I was awakened by a pantless 3-year-old who informed me that his bottom needed wiping. Considering he will go sit on the couch if I ignore him, going back to sleep isn't really an option at that point.)

I also got a Father's Day cake that made it all worthwhile.

It was a homemade ice-cream cake, with a base of ice-cream sandwiches.

Elliot helped with the R&D (it was his idea to use crushed peanut-butter Oreos on top). That's my boy!