Friday, May 18, 2012

'Is That Your Baby?'

Our iMac's hard drive died, so we had to send it off to the computer-repair shop.

Back when we had a car, I would have just thrown the computer in the back and breezed on down to the store. But being carfree in Manhattan requires more creative solutions.

So I strapped the iMac into our stroller and pushed it the 10 blocks to the repair shop. I received a couple remarks along the lines of, "Is that your baby?" but most New Yorkers know not to ask questions.

At one crosswalk, I pulled up next to a homeless man who was also pushing a baby carriage. His stroller was filled with tin cans and he was muttering things like, "I'm gonna get you."

I'm pretty sure I'm just a few bad days away from being that guy.