Monday, April 09, 2012

'Arthur' vs. 'Family Guy'

The list of bad children's books includes "Arthur's Nose," a story about an aardvark who comes to terms with his long schnoz.

Cracked's writers didn't complain about the book itself — their issue is that the character's look has changed so radically in subsequent years that now he hardly has any nose at all. That undermines the point of the original story.

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I actually have my own complaint about "Arthur." Elliot began watching the PBS series a few months ago, and I couldn't help but notice some striking similarities with another cartoon.

It features a baby and a red-collared dog who are best friends. The infant is perfectly eloquent, but only the dog can understand the baby — none of the other characters can. Also: One of them has an English accent.

What the deuce?

Even more striking: The "Arthur" show added these characters in 1999 — the same year "Family Guy" debuted.

You have to wonder if "Arthur's" producers weren't trying to broaden their demographic to include stoned college kids.