Thursday, March 22, 2012

Russian Roulette Pizza Plate

The Laughing Squid site had a post yesterday about The Plate Roulette, which is designed to look like the cylinder of revolver. The idea is to make the person who picks up the slice with the bullet under it buy the pizza (or submit to some other punishment).

When we were kids we would celebrate Epiphany with a king cake. Whoever got the slice with the plastic baby Jesus inside would be king for the day.

The problem was, someone would invariably lose or swallow the baby Jesus. (I seem to recall my mother having to search for it after it passed through our digestive tract.) If we couldn't find it, we would have to switch to using a bean or some other object.

Perhaps the Plate Roulette would be a more elegant solution. Maybe they could make one for Epiphany? It would at least be less gross.