Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Poop! (There It Is)'

Folks, what can I say? I've let you down.

I pride this blog on being a top-quality source of information on both baby trends and 1990s hip-hop. And yet, it's taken me a year to get wind of the Luvs "Poop There It Is" commercial? (In 2011, it was named the worst commercial of the year.) I blame my slowness on the fact that we only watch Netflix and Hulu these days.

In case you've missed it too, the ad features three cartoon babies competing to fill their diapers with feces. "American Idol"-style judges then rate the performances.

All the while, we hear "Poop! (There It Is)" — a playful twist on "Whoomp! (There It Is)," the 1993 hit from Tag Team. Question: Is this better or worse than "Baby Got Backpack"?

You'll recall there was a song called "Whoot, There It Is" from 95 South that also charted in 1993. Having two nearly identical songs become popular at the same time was an odd turn of events that only seems odder in retrospect.

But perhaps if Luvs wants to use the 95 South track in a follow-up ad, it can be called "Toot, There It Is."

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