Monday, January 02, 2012

Cities Visited: 2011 Edition

Five years ago, I began compiling an annual list of the cities I've visited. (Fellow blogger Anh-Minh gave me the idea, and she almost always has a much more impressive list than me.)

According to the rules, you have to stay overnight in a place for it to count and you can't include your current city of residence. You also only count each place once, even if you visit frequently.

Having two little ones has made it harder to travel, and so it's maybe not surprising that my list is shorter than ever this year.

At least that makes it easy to track.

Here's my list (in chronological order of when I visited):
1. Marietta, Ga.
2. Newnan, Ga.
3. Santa Cruz, Calif.
4. St. Helena, Calif.
5. Emerald Isle, N.C.

Not very impressive. I'm pretty sure even Ted Kaczynski traveled more than this.