Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can I Apply Hip-Hop Forensics to 'This Is How We Do It?'

An intrepid fellow named Donovan Strain (who apparently has some time on his hands) studied the lyrics of Ice Cube's "Good Day" and figured out that the events described only could have occurred on one day: Jan. 20, 1992.

From his blog, called Murk Avenue:
The ONLY day where:
Yo MTV Raps was on air
It was a clear and smogless day
Beepers were commercially sold
Lakers beat the SuperSonics
And Ice Cube had no events to attend was…
JANUARY 20 1992
Brilliant work! (However, did he check what day a blimp had a sign reading, "Ice Cube's a Pimp"?)

I'm excited about this new field of hip-hop forensics, so I decided to apply the same principles to "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan.

Let's see:
It was Friday night (and he felt alright).
There was a party on the West Side.
Honeys in the street said, "Monty, yo we made it!"
It was summer (he refers to "summertime skirts").
Guys were wearing Kani (a fashion designer who became popular in the 1990s).
Gang bangers did not participate in a drive-by in South Central Los Angeles.
Montell had the money — specifically, hundred-dollar bills, y'all.
It was 1994 or later, since he relates an anecdote from that year (when he "made no money").
The song was recorded between late 1994 and early 1995, according to Wikipedia.
He mentioned meeting Paul Stewart, president of PMP Records. (Stewart introduced Montell to Russel Simmons, who helped launch his career.) 
Therefore, I can narrow it down to...
JUNE 24, 1994
JULY 1, 1994
JULY 8, 1994
JULY 15, 1994
JULY 22, 1994
JULY 29, 1994
AUGUST 5, 1994
AUGUST 12, 1994
AUGUST 19, 1994
AUGUST 26, 1994
SEPTEMBER 16, 1994
I think I need more information.