Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Claus Negotiating 101: What Not to Do

There was a man dressed as Santa Claus at Christmas Tree Lane, which gave Elliot his first real-life encounter with St. Nick.

We plopped him down on Santa's knee, but clearly Elliot didn't understand the protocol. He spent the whole time telling Santa about toys he already had ("I have a panda"). Maybe he just wanted an opportunity to flaunt his stuffed-animal wealth in front of others, but it was very sweet.

I think the experience speaks to Elliot's complete lack of expectations. Even after all the holiday buildup (including the Advent calendar), Elliot probably wouldn't notice if we decided not to hold Christmas at all. There certainly isn't a specific gift that he's requested. I thought this might be the case for all 3-year-olds, but Elliot's friends aren't like that.

On the way home, Elliot remembered more stuff that Santa didn't need to get him. (He regretted not telling him that he already has an antelope.)

Elliot also asked if we could bring our copy of "The Night Before Christmas" to Santa because he'd probably like to read it. "I think he's heard that one," I said.

If this is a phase, I hope it lasts forever.