Sunday, December 11, 2011

Could Roomba Develop a Pacifier, Please?

Elliot never got into pacifiers, but Alice loves them. It's part of what makes our two children complete opposites (the only thing they seem to share is they both think Elliot is awesome).

When you have a pacifier-loving baby, you realize there's a frequent ritual. She'll misplace it in the middle of the night and start crying. That forces the parent to get up and feel around the crib to try and find it.

Trust me: If it's dark and I don't have my glasses on, there's little chance I'm going to find anything. They sell clips that at least keep the pacifier near the baby's head, but that doesn't quite do the trick.

There has to be a better way. Can we please have a Roomba pacifier — something that can automatically return itself to baby's mouth? I'm thinking of something like the spiders in "Minority Report"...but maybe less terrifying.

Can we make this happen?

UPDATE: It's not really related, but it's impossible to discuss robots without mentioning DJ Roomba.