Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tigers and Monkeys and Cinderellas, Oh My

We experienced a lot of firsts this year: our first Halloween in Berkeley, Elliot's first time trick-or-treating, and our first time living someplace where people actually came to our door seeking candy (something that almost never happened when we were in SoMa).

Not surprisingly, Elliot was a tiger. He held firm to the costume idea, even when his cousin Margot tried to convince him to be a prince (and then, in an attempt at compromise, a tiger prince). She was Cinderella.

Alice wore Elliot's old monkey costume, but somehow made it her own.

She may not be walking yet, but she'll pounce if you get too close (something her cousin Leigh learned here).

Leigh (1 year old) was Tigger, giving Elliot a trusty tiger sidekick.

Margot (age 3) already knows how to accessorize.

Sitting on the front steps at nightfall.

In the end, our house ended up being one of the more festive on the block (thanks to the giant spiderweb). I hope we met everyone's expectations.