Thursday, November 10, 2011

Low-Probability Candidate for 'Better Homes and Gardens'

We moved out of the city less than a year ago, and already we have a disaster of a backyard. It's so full of hastily built structures it can only be compared to a Brazilian favela.

There are numerous cardboard-box homes and vehicles. If you look closely, there's a plastic tote bag hanging from a tree — no idea how that got there.

I guess it's a good testing ground for children to prepare for the Occupy movement.

The centerpiece is this sprawling plastic cube contraption that Elliot got for his birthday (below). I managed to squeeze into it once. (I had to be extracted by someone lifting the structure up over me. I'm not proud of this moment.)

At one point we caught him trying to drag his sister in.

 I'm pretty sure we never would have seen her again if he hadn't been stopped.