Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ikea Hackers Make a 'Hobo Stove'

The Ikea Hackers site is devoted to customizing the Swedish furniture giant's products or finding creative uses for them.

One recent entry featured this "hobo stove," made by cutting a hole in an Ordning cutlery stand and adding two tent sticks to the top. (Thanks for pointing this out, BuboBlog Bonny Doon correspondent Terri.)

Photo courtesy of Ikea Hackers

Ten years ago, I created my own hobo stove, though I called it The Ghetto Hearth.

At the time I had hoped to take the home-furnishing world by storm with a line of urban accents, but I never got past this one prototype.

The Ghetto Hearth

It worked pretty well, though it produced no heat (it used one of those fake-flame things).

Not actually warm

At some point, Kelly made me put it in storage — something about it serving no practical purpose.

Maybe I can donate it to an Occupy camp.