Monday, November 28, 2011

Help! Our House Is Infested With Hexbugs

If you have young children, you may be familiar with the Hexbug line of robot insects.

We only discovered them three months ago, when Elliot got one for his birthday. Since then I've seen lots of kids with them, and we now have three skittering around our house. (Is this toy the Stretch Armstrong of the 2010s?)

Here's a video of Elliot playing with the Hexbug Nano, which relies on hearing-aid batteries and sensors to get around.

The thing will disappear under our couch and I'm always sure we're never going to see it again. But somehow it manages to find its way out every time.

There are at least seven models, including this new Larva bug, as featured on the Laughing Squid blog.

I'm a little concerned by how much that one resembles a Cybermat.