Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Not Sure This Is Going to Cut It

As I discussed earlier, the pressure is on for us to decorate our house for Halloween. The previous residents made a big deal out of the holiday, and our neighbors are looking to us to continue the tradition.

Well, so far, it doesn't look promising.

On our front door is a pumpkin that Elliot painted at preschool. Hey, I don't want to belittle the kid's artistic abilities, but this is not going to frighten anyone.

We carved pumpkins, with varying degrees of success. This one was created under the direction of Margot, Elliot's cousin.

Elliot's pumpkin is below. Some kind of animal ate away its face last night, which definitely helped make it scarier. But maybe not the good kind of scary.

While I was sizing up our decorations, I noticed I gigantic spider. (I snapped this photo of him after shooing him onto a piece of paper.)

He's probably the most frightening thing we have going. I think I'm going to turn over the decorating tasks to him.