Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Little Pony Has Personal Hygiene Issues

Elliot is starting at a new preschool on Tuesday. It's a pretty demanding program — for the parents.

We're expected to volunteer to help with a range of school chores. That includes toy washing, a task we took on this weekend. (Well, in truth, my mother-in-law did most of the work.)

This school appears to have a TON of My Little Ponies, and they were by far the filthiest of the toys. I guess that means they're well-loved.

I wasn't aware My Little Ponies were still popular. And frankly, I'm a little surprised to see such a gender-specific toy at a Berkeley preschool.

Then again, Elliot spent several minutes playing with a pink unicorn, so maybe I'm making the wrong assumptions. And unlike Barbie, My Little Pony doesn't impose unrealistic body-image issues on young girls. (Unless they end up wanting to look like a rainbow-maned equine; in which case, there are probably bigger problems at work.)

All I ask, kids: Rather than just brushing the pony's hair, could you occasionally give it a shampoo and rinse?