Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sim Simma, BART Got the Keys to My Bimmer

BART suffered a major service disruption tonight, stranding thousands of passengers. (I made it home just before it happened.) The event marred a day when the transit agency had exciting news: BMW has designed new cars for the rail system, and they're ready for public feedback.

The new cars are coming none too soon. BART says it has the oldest fleet of any transit system in the country. (I'm assuming Muni's cable cars are excluded from this ranking.)

The designs look pretty cool, but you have to wonder about the implications of going with BMW.

Some questions:
1. Will BART be pressured to service its cars at the dealer, even after its warranty has expired?
2. Are urban youths going to start stealing BART medallions to wear around their necks?
3. Will BART riders use this to pick up women? "Hey ladies, I came here in a BMW."
4. What, BART is too good for Volkswagen?
5. How soon before the jokes start? "This BMW rides like it's on rails." "What's the difference between a BART BMW and a porcupine? The pricks are on the inside."

I hope transit officials will take these issues into consideration.