Monday, August 22, 2011

No One Wants to Read About the Bay Bridge

Following the discussion about the Golden Gate Bridge's role in cinema, the Chronicle did a slideshow of all the books that feature the bridge on its cover. Here's one of the 27 examples.

Apparently the sex appeal of the world-famous landmark is a cheap way to sell novels. Meanwhile, I'm sad to say I've never seen the Bay Bridge as cover art.

But here's where it gets confusing: One of the novels they feature, Marcia Muller's "Dead Midnight," is about a man committing suicide off the Bay Bridge.

And yet, they still put the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover? (Maybe the graphic designer realized that jumping off the Bay Bridge is pretty difficult to do.)

I'm not familiar with the author, but when I looked up her bio I found she lives in Sonoma. That makes it strange that there's misinformation like this on her website: "Stretching flat across the water, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is a popular spot...for jumpers." It is?

Perhaps the book is set in the future, after the new Bay Bridge opens. Like the Golden Gate, the span will have a walkway.