Friday, August 12, 2011

Berkeley Spelling Controversy Widens

Check out the Berkeley Patch site today, which takes up the topic of local misspellings:
A quick search shows that there are a range of documents on the city's website where Berkeley is misspelled. Perhaps, for example, you'd like to apply to be on the Mental Health Commission? Just fill out the Application for Appointment to Berkley/Albany Mental Health Commission. Maybe you want some information about the classes available at the Berkely High Warm Pool? If you need the number for the City of Berkley Refuse Collection or Berkley City College, check out this Statistical and Economic Profile on the city's website.
The instances of misspellings extend throughout the online sphere. Despite spelling Berkeley correctly on their Cal gear, Ebay sellers seem unable to add the extra 'e' in the listings — selling, instead, a UC Berkley coffee mug, UC Berkley kids hoodies, UC Berkley tees and a UC Berkley bumper sticker. How about a UC Berkely blanket or UC Berkely flip flops?
On Twitter, the assault on Berkeley's name is perpetuated in real time. Berkley and Berkely are everywhere. Even @Cal_Politics tweets about "UC Berkley" Law Professor Goodwin Lui's nomination to the California Supreme Court.
I'm glad to see Patch's Emily Henry seize on this issue. However, I'm sad to report that none of my activism has convinced South Berkeley's Maxwell Anderson to spell pertinent correctly.

Folks, you really can't fight city hall.