Friday, August 12, 2011

The 1990s Are Dying Before My Eyes

I just posted a clip that made me nostalgic for the 1990s, an era that doesn't feel that long ago to me — until I'm confronted with the video evidence. (Though in fairness, the last clip wasn't really shot in the '90s. Hello, Chrysler 300.)

Now I learn that the lead singer of Warrant is dead at the age of 47.

Do you think Jani Lane knew in 1990 that the most famous words he'd ever utter would be:
She's my cherry pie
Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
Taste so good make a grown man cry
Sweet cherry pie, yeah.
If so, I hope he was OK with that.

UPDATE: Somehow the fact that he died in a Comfort Inn manages to demean both Jani Lane and the Comfort Inn. Sad.