Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pancake Redemption

Remember when I botched Mother's Day breakfast by failing to know how to make pancakes? At the time I wondered why pancakes aren't sold in Pillsbury-style cookie-dough tubes.

The pancake-tube idea drew a range of responses. Some felt the notion was "idiotic," while others felt it might be practical — so long as the target market was idiotic.

They already have Shake 'n Pour Bisquick. It's pretty hard to dumb that down much further.

Anyway, I want everyone to know that I eventually redeemed myself and made old-fashioned pancakes for the family. It just wasn't until several weeks later, and I used a kit that my mother-in-law sent in the mail. Thanks, Judy!

Even with the kit, the directions were fairly complex. I had to both (a) provide my own eggs and (b) be skilled enough to break them.

The result was satisfactory — if not aesthetically pleasing.

Does this qualify me to join the slow-food movement? I do live in Berkeley now.