Monday, July 18, 2011

Colorforms Stick Around

Until recently, I though Colorforms had vanished from the Earth at some point in the mid-1980s. The last one I recall doing was the classic "Welcome Back Kotter" edition.

It belonged to a friend, and even back then, it was fairly old. I'm pretty sure Horshack's hat was missing, so what was the point really?

So I was excited to discover that Colorforms are still available. In fact, according to a recent story in the Chronicle, they're now sold by a San Francisco company (University Games, which is located South of Market).

Elliot is a big fan, even if his placement of objects shows little respect for aesthetics or the laws of physics.

These days, Colorforms seem to be aimed more at younger kids. There are sets devoted to "Yo Gabba Gabba," "Go Diego Go" and "Super Why," but no prime-time sitcoms.

I guess they're assuming the current generation isn't clamoring for Colorforms versions of "Mike & Molly" or "Cougar Town."