Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Update on 'Genderless' Baby

The mom of baby Storm has responded to the public outcry over her plan to keep the child's gender under wraps.

From ABC News, which quotes a letter she wrote to a Canadian newspaper:
The mother of Storm Stocker, the Canadian baby being raised with only a few people knowing his or her sex, defended her family's choice to raise their child without regard to gender. "The strong, lightning-fast, vitriolic response was a shock," said Kathy Witterick in a letter. "The idea that the whole world must know our baby's sex strikes me as unhealthy and voyeuristic."
I'm pretty sure the whole world was happy not knowing anything about her baby until she launched this publicity stunt, but let's not nitpick.

The real news to me: I didn't realize the baby's full name is "Storm Stocker." Um, wow. That's so much worse than not revealing the gender.

The other revelation: She hatched this plan after marathon sessions of "Free to Be You and Me."

This album was a staple of my childhood, but I had no idea people were still listening to it. (Of course, she is Canadian, which may explain some of the 30-year lag.)

It turns out you can download the MP3 album from Amazon for $9.99.

Or just wait for the Lady Gaga remake. #inevitable