Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Kids in Strollers: a Secret Controversy?

According to Salon, via the Mommy Files blog, people are annoyed by parents putting older kids in strollers.

There's even a blog devoted to the issue: It features pictures like this.

I had no idea this was an issue. And in fact, I suffer from the opposite problem.

When I take Elliot somewhere, like a store, I have to chase him around while he threatens to destroy the place. I always think: "Why didn't I bring the stroller?"

On Sunday I took him to the Walgreen's to get a prescription for an antibiotic (he has an ear infection). They took 25 minutes to fill the prescription. Meanwhile, Elliot ran around the aisles, rifling through the vitamin bottles and asking if I could buy him a "Dora" video (oddly, Walgreen's still sells VHS tapes. I don't think Elliot knew it was a video — he just thought it was a nifty-looking box with Dora's picture on it).

Then he threw up, resulting in a "Clean up on Aisle 6" announcement (I didn't realize people actually said this).

Trust me: Everyone at Walgreen's — especially the staff — would have benefited from me strapping him into a stroller.