Tuesday, May 03, 2011

'The Bible Guarantees It'

Most people seem to agree that the best part of the judgment-day billboards is the claim, "The bible guarantees it." (Note to "Thor" marketing team, you could have used these guys to help with your tagline.)

I like that it's on a foil seal, as if the phrase was bestowed by a literary book award. (I'm also kind of impressed that they spelled "guarantees" correctly — it's a hard word!)

I was excited to learn that the same message is on billboards in other parts of the country, and they use different approaches.

This one (below) is in Los Angeles.

I guess people in L.A. are less impressed by literary-award seals. But they do love scheduling meetings!

This one (below) is apparently in Sacramento.

Nothing's official until it's stamped in red ink...as we learned from "Top Secret."