Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Baby Names People Love to Hate

I haven't been checking the baby-name sites the way I used to, but I did come across this post on the Baby Name Wizard blog: "The Most-Hated Baby Names in America."

None of our finalists were on the list, though maybe it's because we chose names that no one had any strong feelings about. The most-hated name for girls was "Neveah" — "Heaven" spelled backwards (hey, it's more common than you might think).

Elliot and Alice: safely uncontroversial

Here are the complete rankings, with a brief description of the reason.


1. Nevaeh: "a landslide winner."

2 (tie). Destiny: "stripperish."

2 (tie). Madison: "grating."

4. Mackenzie: "low class."

5. McKenna: "see Mackenzie."

6 (tie). Addison: "boys' name used for girls."

6 (tie). Gertrude: "ugly."

6 (tie). Kaitlyn: "made-up spelling."

6 (tie). Makayla: "see Mackenzie."

10 (tie). Bertha: "see Gertrude."

10 (tie). Hope: "name implies virtue."


1. Jayden: "backlash against -ayden names."

2. Brayden: "see Jayden."

3 (tie). Aiden: "ditto."

4 (tie). Kaden: "ditto again."

5. Hunter: "should only be a last name."

6. Hayden: "see Jayden."

7 (tie). Bentley: "trashy."

7 (tie). Tristan: "fakey," "unlikeable."

9. Michael: "too common."

10. Jackson: "way too trendy."

Funny that "Michael" / "Jackson" are holding up the rear. I guess the King of Pop's death didn't give a bump to these names.