Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are Celebrity Parents Engaged in Naming Brinkmanship?

I have to wonder if Mariah Carey threw down the gauntlet last week when she named her kids Moroccan Scott and Monroe, because now we're hearing about celebrities with equally weird (if not weirder) names.

Alicia Silverstone named her baby boy Bear Blu, and Bryan Adams has a daughter called Mirabella Bunny. (If the magazine Mirabella still existed, I suppose a Mirabella Bunny would be the cover girl.)

I also read recently that Taboo (one of two lesser-known members of the Black Eyed Peas) named his son Journey. Was "Bad Company" taken?

It says something that the least controversial recent choice was a baby boy named Meredith (Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr's son). I admire their effort to take back a boy's name, since so many are lost forever (I fear that Elliot will be a feminine name in 50 years — think "Leslie"). Meredith will be a challenge, though. It's been more popular for girls for about a century, and we all know that only NFL quarterbacks can reclaim girls' names.

Still, I'm not worried about any of these kids. I mean, who better to bear a name like Bear than a celebrity child? Will Journey be teased on the playground? I'm sure he'll be too busy trying to convince the other children that his dad is actually in the Black Eyed Peas.

Mainly I just want to know if there's a high-stakes crazy-name contest going down, and if so, who won?