Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elliot Memes

We've all heard of Internet memes — the sayings or concepts that spread quickly online until people just as quickly grow tired of them.

Not my birthday
Well, our 2-year-old has his own memes. He repeats them dozens of times a day, to the point where I assume everyone else is saying them too. That's how I know I'm slowly going insane.

Anyway, just so everyone else can get on board with Elliot's memes, here are five of the top ones in rotation right now.

1. The ever-present threat of ticklebugs
2. "I'M HIDING!"
3. Putting Band-Aids on stuffed animals
4. "Happy birthday, daddy" (it's not my birthday)
5. Why is a tiger chasing us?

Out of rotation:
"No baby in dere."