Friday, March 04, 2011

Seriously...Another Yaya?

I've discussed the plague of Yayas in our home — mostly as a cautionary tale for future parents.

To recap: As a safeguard, we bought several copies of Elliot's security blanket — known to him as his "Yaya"...with unintended consequences.

Now I find that he had an entirely different Yaya at daycare this whole time. Since he no longer goes to that daycare, it's currently residing at our home.

Unlike the others, it doesn't have a duck head. He refers to it as Misty Yaya (Misty was his old daycare provider), and it appears to have its own etiquette for when he wants it and doesn't want it.

Again, parents — I can't urge you enough: One security blanket per child.

Learn from our story.