Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Bittersweet Week for Elliot

Elliot is starting at a new daycare/preschool in Berkeley, which means he won't have to commute into San Francisco every day. (Until now, he's still been going to daycare in SoMa.)

But it also means he'll be separated from his best friend Sophia (known to him as "Haha"), along with her mom Misty.

(Photo credit: Papa Jeff)

He's spent most every weekday with Haha since he was a few months old (before he could even sit up), and in many ways they're as close as siblings.

The really heartbreaking part: He naturally assumed she would come with him to the new daycare. We had to tell him that she won't.

UPDATE: Another photo, taken by Misty on Elliot's last day with Sophia.

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