Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What Do Toddlers Dream About?

Every morning Elliot wakes up in a cheerful mood. As I'm taking him out of his sleep sack and hanging up his Yaya (wet from a night's worth of drool), I'll often ask him what he dreamed about.

He always gives the same answer: "Boma and Baba came and took me for a walk." (Boma and Baba are what he calls his grandparents — as with "Yaya," the names are his own neologisms.)

Same dream every time. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Now, either Elliot doesn't really understand what I mean when I ask about his dreams, or they're shockingly repetitive.

Sometimes when I ask for a little more detail, he'll say that his other grandmother, "Grandmama," was also there — as well as me and his mom. It sounds like he's conjuring up his own perfect little day, with all his favorite people (his baby sister Alice is noticeably absent, though).

Is that what toddlers dream about — the best day they can imagine? I hope so...even if he's not exhibiting much of an imagination.