Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yaya Etiquette: a Cautionary Tale Continues

I've mentioned how we purchased multiple copies of Elliot's security blanket (a duck-headed object that he oddly refers to as his "Yaya"). The idea was to have a backup if he loses one, and also to make it easier to clean them.

We currently have three Yayas (we would have four, but one was lost on the sidewalks of San Francisco — I can only hope it's providing comfort to a homeless man somewhere). From the start, I've been concerned about the unintended consequences. How will Elliot learn to take care of his stuff if his most cherished possession seems to multiply on its own?

But I didn't anticipate this: Perhaps inspired by his daytime/nighttime diapers, Elliot has designated certain Yayas as Nighttime Yayas and others as Daytime Yayas. (Because of the varying ages and conditions of the Yayas, it's fairly easy for him to tell them apart.)

God forbid you try to send him to bed with a Daytime Yaya. You'll definitely hear an earful about that gaffe.

The question is: Where does it end? Will they be categorized into outdoor and indoor Yayas? Town and country Yayas?

I have a vision of Elliot lashing out at me someday: "You fool, I can't bring that to a military funeral! Where are my dress Yayas??"