Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hospital Horror Stories

Alice was quite the sensation last night in the maternity ward, with all the nurses talking about the baby born in the bathroom.

We spoke to one who said she'd only seen that happen once in her long career. But I did hear some other frightening tales.

In one case, an expectant mother was out of her bed when the infant's foot suddenly popped out. This led to an emergency C-section, since babies aren't supposed to be pointed in that direction.

Another time, a nurse was checking a woman's cervix when a tiny hand reached out and grabbed her. (Or maybe the nurse just said the hand "touched her.") Either way, that's horror-movie stuff.

On her medical chart, Alice is said to have had a "precipitous delivery," but I guess that refers mainly to its location. I'm grateful it was an uncomplicated process otherwise.