Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coming Soon...Maybe

Kelly's due date isn't until Jan. 17, but the doctor said the baby will be early. Apparently Kelly is more than 80 percent effaced. (I don't know what that means, but it could just as easily describe my social status.)

The doctor made this assessment last Wednesday, and even predicted that our daughter could be a "New Year's baby."

Well, that didn't happen. And since we failed to get the 2010 tax benefit or the prizes associated with having the first baby of 2011 (there are prizes, right?), I no longer have a financial interest in her arriving early. So I hope she can hold out a bit longer.

Despite us living in Berkeley now, the baby will be delivered at CPMC hospital in San Francisco (the same place as Elliot). We were a little too late in the process to switch hospitals, and plus I don't want my daughter to suffer the indignity of being born in the East Bay.

Of course, this raises some logistical issues. For instance, what if I'm at work when it happens? Would I take BART home, only to come back over with Kelly? It seems to make more sense for her to just take a taxi. But that pretty much guarantees there's a traffic jam and she'll have to deliver the baby on the Bay Bridge, assisted only by a kindly Bangladeshi immigrant.

Are there prizes for that?