Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Yaya Smell Test

I've discussed before how Elliot has multiple copies of his duck-headed blankie, which he inexplicably calls his Yaya (we tried to get him to call it Duckie, but he has his own ideas about what to name things).

Elliot always has at least one Yaya with him, whether he's eating, playing in the mud or touching strange dogs. If he's running around and needs his hands free, he'll just cram Yaya in his mouth.

This leads to the near-daily ritual of trying to determine which Yaya is least disgusting. Tonight I had to smell two of them (the third is in Santa Cruz) before Elliot went to bed. One smelled like an old sponge; the other had a faint urine odor.

He slept with the sponge one.