Monday, December 06, 2010

Using San Francisco's Name in Vain

There's another hotel here in Emeryville called the "Four Points San Francisco Bay Bridge."

It seems like a shameless attempt to trick people into thinking it's closer to San Francisco than it is. Because even if the hotel is arguably named after the bridge and not the city, the span's true name is the "San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge."

Ironically, there's a motel in our old neighborhood in SoMa called the Bay Bridge Inn.

If you walk to the front of the Bay Bridge Inn and look straight down Harrison Street (and there are no buses blocking your view), you can just see the Bay Bridge. But it seems like a pretty tenuous link to the landmark.

Based on the view, it might make more sense to name it the One Rincon Hill Inn (or the Ionic Breeze Inn)?

But note that they didn't call it the "Oakland Bay Bridge Inn."