Friday, December 31, 2010

Cities Visited: 2010 Edition

Since 2006, I've been listing the cities I visit each year — part of what started as a rivalry with fellow blogger Anh-Minh.

I hesitate to call it a competition anymore, since my traveling isn't much to brag about these days. I still have hopes that 2011 will bring something more exciting — perhaps a Randy Quaid-esque flight from justice.

Anyway, here are the rules: You have to stay overnight in a city for it to count, and you can't include your hometown. That second part really screws me this year, because it means I can't count San Francisco OR Berkeley.

1. Santa Cruz, Calif.
2. New York
3. Portola Valley, Calif.
4. Portland, Ore.
5. Manzanita, Ore.
6. Marietta, Ga.
7. Newnan, Ga.
8. Scituate, Mass.
9. Northeast Harbor, Maine
10. Lake Tahoe, Calif.
11. San Rafael, Calif.
12. Emeryville, Calif.

It turns out to be a longer list than I would have thought, even if many of the cities are relatively local (partially because of my weeks of homelessness).