Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Texans Seize Justin Herman Plaza

I came back from vacation to discover that Texans had taken over Justin Herman Plaza near my office. (This is probably how the Mexicans felt in 1836.)

Apparently they're doing a tourism campaign called Texas on Tour where the state sets up attractions in other cities. There are Texas-themed photo booths, rides and what appears to be some kind of planetarium.

Vancouver did something similar in April, when they set up a zip line in the same plaza. So far, the zip line appears to be a much bigger hit than the Texas on Tour attractions (at least based on the attendance I saw when I was coming to and from work). The Old 97s will be playing a free concert on Thursday, so that will likely improve the turnout.

Since we're experiencing the coldest summer in 40 years, maybe Texas should take a different tack. A heat-humidity chamber, for instance? That way people could get a taste of what it's like in Houston. (It will be 96 degrees there tomorrow, according to the Weather Channel, versus a high of 58 degrees in S.F.)

What's odd about both the Texas and Vancouver attractions is they only manage to make San Francisco more fun. How does they make you want to go somewhere else?

If they were smart, they would make San Francisco less attractive by busing in belligerent homeless people and douche bags yapping on cell phones.

What a second, is someone already doing this??