Saturday, August 07, 2010

Got a Brand-New Bag

(Part of an occasional series on baby fashion. Click here for the complete list of posts on the topic.)

Elliot assigns great importance to his mom's purse and his dad's briefcase. He knows that packing up these bags is part of the ritual that adults carry out before leaving the house. So when Elliot wants to go to the playground, he will find Kelly's handbag or my briefcase and drag it across the floor toward the door.

When I try to leave the house without my briefcase, he gets upset and points to it frantically. It's hard to explain that I don't need it on the weekends. (He also might be disappointed to learn that my bag is mainly used to carry Snickers and crossword puzzles, rather than important documents.)

Despite Elliot's bag obsession, it never occurred to me to let him have one of his own. Thankfully, his aunt and uncle were kind enough to give him a backpack last week when we were on vacation. It's a Babar-themed bag that's the perfect size for him.

When Elliot received his bag, he was thrilled. It was clear to him that he had arrived as an important person. You would think he had just been inducted into the Illuminati.

He immediately put it on, bid everyone "bye-bye" and marched around the yard.

The next day, some of our family members decided to go hiking. When Elliot saw them preparing to leave, he jumped up and ran to get his backpack so that he could come too.

They left without him.

He just stood there with his backpack all ready, crestfallen. It was a sad sight.

Sorry, buddy. Having your own bag only gets you so far in life.