Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cereal Cafe [Does Not] Open Today

You may remember when I tracked the rise and fall of a cereal restaurant called Cereality. (Back in the mid-2000s, I desperately wanted the concept to come to San Francisco, but the closest it got was Santa Cruz — and that one closed.)

Well, my prayers are finally answered today, when a different cereal restaurant (this one called Schweet Boks) opens in the Sunset district.

According to the Chronicle's Inside Scoop blog, Schweet Boks, is "a concept that has popped up in other cities and is built in the same franchise model as Pinkberry and the like — but with cereal, you see." (There's already a cafe in the Fillmore that serves cereal, but it's more of a frozen-yogurt place.)

I'm excited to try it out, though I'm a little confused by the reaction to it on SFist and other sites. People seem to think this is some new gimmick that's probably not going to last.

Listen people, this is actually an OLD gimmick that's probably not going to last. Get it right.

UPDATE: I guess I should say it was *scheduled* to open today. Does anyone know if it actually opened?

SECOND UPDATE: According to the Schweet Boks Facebook page, the opening has been pushed back. I hope this isn't an early sign of trouble.