Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Milpitas, Home of the Rich and Single?

The folks at CNN and Money magazine compiled a list of the best places to be rich and single. (I'm hoping they'll tell me where I can be poor and married, but that's apparently still forthcoming.)

Attention statisticians, here's a sign that something has gone disastrously wrong with your methodology: Milpitas ranks somewhere on your list.

In this case, Milpitas came in sixth. That means it's the best place in Northern California to be rich and single. This has to be news to anyone in Milpitas, which mainly appeals to people who think Fremont is too cosmopolitan.

Seriously, the only destination of any kind in Milpitas is the Great Mall of the Bay Area, and I believe the mall's staff is contractually obligated to use air quotes whenever they say the "Great" part.

"The River's Edge" (starring Crispin Glover and Keanu Reeves) was based on the true story of a murder in Milpitas. But they shot the movie in Sacramento, because apparently that was a more interesting setting. Nuff said.

I came across this list because the Santa Cruz Sentinel did a story on how Santa Cruz also made the rankings (thanks for the tip, BuboBlog Monterey Bay correspondent Papa Jeff).

The Sentinel interviewed a few people who seemed confused as to why their town was included, since Santa Cruz isn't really about flaunting wealth. They should be even more embarrassed that they ranked so far below Milpitas (coming in at No. 25).

Is it because Santa Cruz lacks a Dave and Buster's?