Monday, July 12, 2010

Metreon Sign Overly Optimistic

Considering it's July, it seems unlikely that the Metreon relaunch is going to happen in "early 2010."

The idea is to revive the retail complex with lots of new restaurants and shops (and possibly a Target). I guess the delay shouldn't be a big surprise — there were reports as long ago as November that the plan was behind schedule. An easy fix would be to add an "s" to the sign: "early 2010s." They should be able to meet that goal.

I wonder if the idea of putting Target in the Metreon is no longer in play — now that the chain is in talks to open its first San Francisco location on Geary in the Richmond. (There also were discussions about a Target in the proposed CityPlace complex in the mid-Market area.)

In the meantime, the Metreon food court is pretty quiet. The upside: It's a great place for toddlers to run around.

Compare that with the jam-packed Westfield San Francisco Centre food court. The last time we went there, Elliot bumped into countless people, shrieked at diners and startled a service dog.