Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Life Isn't Fair

Hang on, you're telling me that I can't make an Internet meme to save my life. And yet, other people are creating them by accident?

You may have seen this thing about how July 5, 2010, was the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit in "Back to the Future." The "fact" spread quickly via Twitter, with people ruminating on how we haven't progressed as far as expected in the 25 years since the movie came out (to wit, we don't have banana-peel-powered flying cars).

It turns out the date isn't in the movie. The people at the British website TotalFilm got confused and started the online sensation because they didn't adequately fact-check.

From the Telegraph:
...the celebrations were muted after the claim was unmasked as a hoax and aficionados pointed out that they had got the wrong date.

In the 1989 sequel Back to the Future Part II, McFly – played by Michael J Fox – travels forward in time in the hope of altering events to save his son from being jailed.

With his friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) at the wheel of their DeLorean time machine, they set the vehicle’s time circuits to October 21, 2015.

So I guess we can still have this whole thing happen again in about five years. In any case, why won't the good people of the Internet embrace one of BuboBlog's many available memes? "I declare him an outlaw"? Cutie Bagel? C'mon!